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We can make teeth whitening trays that fit your mouth exactly so you can wear them at home. Dental mouth guards for people who grind their teeth will help you stop destroying your teeth. Years ago, the only way to get a great smile was to pull your rotten teeth and replace them with dentures. Our local dentist will be sure to do an oral cancer screening when you come for your regular dental checkup. You might not know that dental veneers are actually painted on your teeth in very thin layers and then dried with a special light.

If your child plays sports, make sure he wears a dental mouth guard to protect his teeth. When you have all the teeth in your mouth, your bones in the jaw are stimulated every time you chew. Most people are afraid of a root canal because they think it will hurt more than the pain from an inflamed root. The more saliva you have in your mouth, the better it is to wash away bacteria that can cause cavities. If you have constant headaches and hear a clicking sound in your jaw, come in for a TMJ checkup.