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Updated: 07/25/16 09:03:22 AM

Calling our local dental office for an appointment is as easy as picking up the phone.

Updated: 07/25/16 07:38:04 AM

When your children drink liquids that have a lot of sugar they are compounding the bacteria in their mouth.

Updated: 07/25/16 05:40:39 AM

Every member of our dental staff is not only friendly, but they are very highly trained in dental procedures. People who need to see a dentist but can't afford to pay all at once are welcome to talk to us about a payment plan.

Updated: 07/25/16 04:17:49 AM

Having a healthy smile means keeping regular dental checkup appointments for everyone in your family.

Updated: 07/25/16 02:23:37 AM

Finding a dental office that makes you comfortable is what you'll find when you walk into our local dental office. Silver fillings needed a special bonding material added in order to adhere to your teeth so a bigger hole needed to be drilled years ago.

Updated: 07/25/16 12:39:28 AM

Humming a song when children brush is a way to get them to brush longer and clean their teeth better.

Updated: 07/24/16 11:35:11 PM

We offer excellent dental care for children as well as adults. Treating children with loving care in the dental chair will help them feel at ease and calm their fears.

Updated: 07/24/16 10:30:09 PM

You can schedule a dental appointment online and bring your entire family for dental checkups.

Updated: 07/24/16 08:30:40 PM

Gingivitis is the start of gum disease and is noticeable when you bleed when you brush your teeth. The more fresh berries you eat, the more you need to be sure to brush or chew sugarless gum as soon as you're done eating.

Updated: 07/24/16 06:38:46 PM

People who eat blackberries, grapes, cherries and especially pomegranates are likely to see their teeth stained. Filling your tooth with a resin material that attaches to the tooth and looks just like it is what a composite filling is all about.

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tampa local dentist
tampa local dentist