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Updated: 09/24/16 10:11:57 AM

You can choose the shade you want your teeth to be when we apply porcelain veneers for you.

Updated: 09/23/16 09:05:05 PM

When we use our digital x-rays, you'll find that you have much less exposure to radiation than you did years ago.

Updated: 09/22/16 09:14:24 AM

When you have digital x-rays you will be getting ninety percent less radiation than old fashioned x-rays.

Updated: 09/21/16 01:42:11 PM

If you haven't had an oral cancer screening this year, give us a call to make an appointment. If you're not happy with the color of your teeth, there are many ways to change that.

Updated: 09/20/16 01:45:55 PM

When you see the brightness of your teeth fading, call our office for a teeth whitening treatment.

Updated: 09/20/16 10:59:32 AM

If you have a mouth full of silver fillings, we can replace them with tooth colored fillings.

Updated: 09/19/16 06:41:47 PM

When you need more than one expensive dental treatment, talk to us about our discount plan.

Updated: 09/18/16 02:14:41 PM

Making you feel comfortable in the dental chair is just one way we take care of your dental needs.

Updated: 09/17/16 09:44:03 PM

We can do a zoom teeth whitening treatment so you can love the shade of your teeth.

Updated: 09/17/16 03:20:13 AM

We want you to be comfortable when you come to our dental office, so let us know if there is anything we can do for you.

Updated: 09/16/16 03:06:41 PM

Whether you want porcelain veneers to help straighten your slightly crooked smile or you want Invisalign clear braces, we can help you with both.

Updated: 09/15/16 01:33:10 PM

Controlling the amount of anesthesia in your gums is very important, especially in children.

Updated: 09/14/16 04:27:19 PM

Children or adults who need fluoride treatments can have them done in our dental office.

Updated: 09/13/16 11:35:15 PM

When you're looking for a full service local dental office, give us a call.

Updated: 09/13/16 11:44:39 AM

Tooth extractions are not nearly as painful as they used to be years ago, so there's no need to be afraid of them.

Updated: 09/11/16 06:23:57 PM

Be sure to have your silver fillings checked to be sure you don't have any of them leaking mercury into your system.

Updated: 09/09/16 10:58:26 PM

If your child gets hit in the face with a soccer ball and loses a tooth, call our dental office right away. Our local dentist will take good care of your teeth and check them for gingivitis.

Updated: 09/08/16 07:18:32 PM

We will x-ray your teeth and gums every six months to be sure we catch any problems as early as possible.

Updated: 09/07/16 01:33:56 PM

When you need a dental crown in the same day, come to our dental office.

Updated: 09/05/16 05:32:22 PM

When your children drink liquids that have a lot of sugar they are compounding the bacteria in their mouth.

Updated: 09/04/16 12:14:04 AM

People with excess teeth may need to have some removed in order to make room for dental braces.

Updated: 09/02/16 03:13:06 PM

When you need more than one expensive dental treatment, talk to us about our discount plan. If you're looking for a less expensive alternative to porcelain veneers, talk to our dentist about composite bonding.

Updated: 09/01/16 01:01:40 AM

We have a dental lab on our premises so we can do dental procedures quickly.

Updated: 08/30/16 10:49:25 PM

If you are the type of person who loves red wine, be sure to brush shortly after you drink it to get the natural dyes off your teeth. When you have a composite filling there is less drilling because the material used will automatically adhere to your tooth.

Updated: 08/29/16 11:13:20 PM

When you're looking for a new dentist, be sure you find one that everybody in your family is comfortable seeing.

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