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Updated: 10/20/16 03:23:47 AM

Make sure everyone in your family brushes and flosses on a daily basis to get rid of bacteria in their mouth.

Updated: 10/19/16 04:54:32 AM

When you need a dental crown in the same day, come to our dental office.

Updated: 10/17/16 04:30:09 PM

Being able to craft new teeth that match your teeth is easy when you have a dental lab in your dental office.

Updated: 10/16/16 04:50:38 AM

Cleaning your teeth on a daily basis to get rid of the bacteria is a very smart move on your part. Every member of our dental staff is not only friendly, but they are very highly trained in dental procedures.

Updated: 10/15/16 08:50:38 AM

You can choose the shade you want your teeth to be when we apply porcelain veneers for you.

Updated: 10/13/16 03:51:41 PM

We use the Zoom teeth whitening system in our local dental office.

Updated: 10/13/16 01:04:20 AM

When it's time for your annual dental checkup, we are the dental office to call.

Updated: 10/11/16 07:48:45 PM

You need to have your dental exam scheduled every six months for everyone in your family.

Updated: 10/10/16 01:22:26 PM

If your children tend to like sweets, it's better for their teeth to give them fruit than candy.

Updated: 10/09/16 08:13:27 AM

Making you feel comfortable in the dental chair is just one way we take care of your dental needs.

Updated: 10/08/16 03:30:37 AM

Some people who haven't been to the dentist in a while don't know about the Wand for painless local anesthesia. Professional dental cleanings can help remove bacteria that has turned to plaque, before it can turn into hardened tartar.

Updated: 10/07/16 10:48:02 AM

Treating your family and keeping them in good dental health is what our dental professionals can do.

Updated: 10/06/16 01:28:27 AM

Root canals have the distinction of being the most feared of all dental procedures. When you're looking for a dentist who uses the latest technology to make sure you have a healthy smile, you should choose our dental office.

Updated: 10/04/16 08:51:09 PM

Dental decay is something that sometimes runs in families, so make sure you brush and floss to avoid problems. Dental bonding is a process that can look like porcelain veneers but cost much less.

Updated: 10/03/16 09:17:31 PM

Preventive care of your teeth is much better for you than sitting in a dental chair for many different procedures. Make sure everyone in your family brushes and flosses on a daily basis to get rid of bacteria in their mouth.

Updated: 10/03/16 04:52:07 AM

Feeding your children a balanced diet can only help build strong teeth and healthy gums.

Updated: 10/01/16 04:24:20 PM

If you have a teeth whitening treatment and you still want your teeth whiter, we can talk to you about porcelain veneers.

Updated: 09/30/16 10:22:36 PM

When we use our digital x-rays, you'll find that you have much less exposure to radiation than you did years ago.

Updated: 09/30/16 05:05:07 AM

Our local dental office offers several types of teeth cleaning and whitening procedures.

Updated: 09/28/16 10:49:10 PM

If you are one of those people who has too many teeth in your mouth and you're blocking your wisdom teeth from breaking through, you may need an extraction.

Updated: 09/28/16 01:20:41 PM

Taking care of your teeth is important to the health of your entire body, so be sure to take care of your teeth.

Updated: 09/27/16 06:47:20 PM

Humming a song when children brush is a way to get them to brush longer and clean their teeth better.

Updated: 09/26/16 05:45:00 AM

When you have a dental lab right in your local dental office, you can do work the same day. If you have headaches and body aches and you have a lot of silver fillings in your mouth, come in for a dental checkup of your fillings.

Updated: 09/24/16 08:57:08 PM

Don't take chances with your dental health because it can affect the health of your entire body.

Updated: 09/24/16 10:11:57 AM

You can choose the shade you want your teeth to be when we apply porcelain veneers for you.

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tampa local dentist
tampa local dentist